Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
A Thermal Maturity Analysis of the Effective Cretaceous Petroleum System in the Southern Persian Gulf Basin

Majid Alipour; Bahram Alizadeh; Ali Chehrazi

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2017, Pages 1-17

  Commercial hydrocarbon discoveries in the Cretaceous of the southern Persian Gulf basin provide direct evidence that there is an effective petroleum system associated with the Cretaceous series. The revised models of thermal maturity in this region are needed to investigate lateral and stratigraphic ...  Read More

Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
A Kinetic Investigation into the In Situ Combustion Reactions of Iranian Heavy Oil from Kuh-E-Mond Reservoir

Milad Karimian; Mahin Schaffie; Mohammad Hassan Fazaelipoor

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2017, Pages 18-32

  An efficient design of in situ combustion depends on accurate kinetic modeling of the crude oil oxidation. The kinetic triplet of the oxidation reactions of a heavy oil sample was investigated. Once the kinetic triplet is known, the kinetic equation would be deconvolved. The crude oil sample was obtained ...  Read More

Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
A Comparative Study of the Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, and Nero-fuzzy Systems in Seismic Reservoir Characterization: An Example from Arab (Surmeh) Reservoir as an Iranian Gas Field, Persian Gulf Basin

Reza Mohebian; Mohammad Ali Riahi; Ali Kadkhodaie-Ilkhchi

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2017, Pages 33-55

  Intelligent reservoir characterization using seismic attributes and hydraulic flow units has a vital role in the description of oil and gas traps. The predicted model allows an accurate understanding of the reservoir quality, especially at the un-cored well location. This study was conducted in two major ...  Read More

Research Paper
Effect of Repeated Repair Metal Inert Gas Welding on Microstructural Properties, Corrosion Resistance, and Wear Behavior of 5083-H116 Aluminum Alloy

Mohammad Reza Zarghamian; Mansoor Farzam; Iman D Danaee; Hadi Eskandari

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2017, Pages 51-63

  The effect of repeated repair welding, shielded with argon, on microstructural properties, corrosion resistance, and dry sliding wear behavior of aluminum alloy 5083/H116 were investigated. Samples were welded by metal inert gas welding method. 100% argon was used to protect fusion zone. Aluminum alloy ...  Read More

Research Paper Offshore Engineering
An Influence of Trench Formation on Steel Catenary Risers Based on a Hysteretic Nonlinear Seabed Model

Reza Siahtiri; Abdolrahim Taheri

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2017, Pages 64-79

  A steel catenary riser (SCR) attached to a floating platform at its upper end encounters fluctuations in and near its touchdown zone (TDZ), which causes the interaction with the seabed. Subsea surveys and the analysis of SCR’s indicated that the greatest stress and highest damage occurred near ...  Read More

Research Paper Chemical Engineering
Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of CO2 Removal by Using Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactors

Mohammad Mesbah; Masumeh Jafari; Ebrahim Soroush; Shohreh Shahsavari

Volume 6, Issue 4 , October 2017, Pages 80-96

  Abstract In this study, a mathematical model is proposed for CO2 separation from N2/CO2 mixtureusing a hollow fiber membrane contactor by various absorbents. The contactor assumed as non-wetted membrane; radial and axial diffusions were also considered in the model development. The governing equations ...  Read More