Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
Seismic Attribute Analysis and 3D Model-Based Approach to Reservoir Characterization of “KO” Field, Niger Delta

James Sunday Abe; Kenneth Okosun

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 1-28

  Modelling involves the use of statistical techniques or analogy data to infill the inter-well volume producing images of the subsurface. Integration of available data sets from “KO” field were used to identify hydrocarbon prospects and by means of interpolation, populate the facies and petrophysical ...  Read More

Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
Application of Bayesian Statistics in Hydraulic Flow Units Modeling and Permeability Prediction (A case study Carbonate Reservoir in SW Iran)

Arian Ahmadi; Mohammad Abdideh

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 29-44

  < p>The determination of rock types for petrophysical studies has a wide range of applications. It is widely used in drilling, production, and especially in the study and characterization of reservoirs. Zoning of flow units and permeability estimation is one of the challenging tasks of reservoir ...  Read More

Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
Mechanistic Study of Effect of Ultrasonic Radiation on Asphaltenic Crude Oils

Seyed Mohammadreza Mousavi; Saeed Jafari; Mahin Schaffie; Saeid Norouzi Apourvari

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 45-67

  Ultrasonic irradiation is a new, economic, and environmentally friendly technique for treating asphaltene aggregation in petroleum industry. In this study, the effect of ultrasonic radiation on asphaltene formation is investigated using conventional optical microscopy, viscosity measurement, and Fourier-transform ...  Read More

Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
Screening of Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods in One of Iran’s Offshore Oil Fields

Mehdi Bahari Moghaddam; Mostafa Fathalizade

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 68-84

  Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) is a vital part of the process of oil production from sandstone and carbonate reservoirs. Maintaining and increasing oil production from many fields require proper selection, design, and implementation of EOR methods. The selection of EOR methods for specific reservoir conditions ...  Read More

Research Paper Geophysics
Simplified Automatic Seismic to Well Tying Using Smooth Dynamic Time Warping Technique in R

Afshin Amiri; Majid Bagheri; Mohammad Ali Riahi

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 85-92

  Seismic well tying is a crucial part of the interpretation phase in exploration seismology. Tying wells usually involves forward modeling a synthetic seismogram from sonic and density logs and then matching the obtained synthetic seismogram to the seismic reflection data. A huge amount of time is required ...  Read More

Research Paper Petroleum Engineering
Simulation and Economic Evaluation of Polygeneration System for Coproduction of Power, Steam, CH3OH, H2, and CO2 from Flare Gas

Mostafa Jafari; Mohammad shahab Deljoo; Ali Vatani

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 93-114

  Today, one of the challenging issues all over the world is the appropriate use of flare gases in oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Burning flare gases having high heating value results in economic losses and the pollution of the environment. There are several methods to use flare gases; the heat ...  Read More

Research Paper Chemical Engineering
Application of SnO2/Alumina Nanocatalyst in Removal of Naphthenic Acids from Crude Oil

Taleb Eidy; Seyed Ali Hosseini; Ghasem Marandi

Volume 9, Issue 4 , October 2020, Pages 115-123

  The separation of naphthenic acids from crude oil is difficult, and the presence of such materials in crude oil reduces its value. In this work, using catalytic esterification with methanol, naphthenic acids of crude oil were removed to reduce their harmful effects. SnO2/γ-Al2O3 nanocatalyst was ...  Read More