Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Petroleum Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology, Abadan, Iran

2 Associate professor in petroleum geology, Department of exploration engineering, Petroleum University of Technology

3 Petroleum University of Technology



Permeability is one of the most significant petrophysical parameters of reservoir rock and its accurate, inexpensive, and rapid estimation is important. One of the methods for the estimation of permeability is the Stoneley flow zone index method. In this study, this method was used to estimate the permeability. For this purpose, after processing the Stoneley waves in the studied well by Geolog software, the permeability index was calculated based on Stoneley wave slowness. Then, by optimizing this index with default values of the Index Matching Factor (IMF), the flow zone index was calculated and the permeability value was estimated based on that index. Some parameters required for these calculations such as porosity, type, and volume of minerals were determined based on the fullset logs analysis and with the help of cross-plots. Finally, in order to validate the obtained permeability data, these results were compared with the core data, and the IMF values were customized for the studied field. The results indicated that the main lithology of the Asmari Formation in the studied well is carbonate rock with a small amount of shale. The customized IMF value for calcite, dolomite, anhydrite, and shale was 11.93, 10.53, 0, and 0 respectively. The correlation coefficient between Stoneley-Flow Zone Index permeability and core permeability was 0.79. Therefore, according to this good correlation, this method can be used to estimate permeability, especially in wells without core data.


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