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1 2Department of Petroleum Engineering, Mahshahr Branch,Islamic Azad university,Mahshar,Iran

2 Department of Petroleum Engineering, Mahshahr Branch,Islamic Azad university,Mahshar,Iran

3 Department of Petroleum Engineering, Masjed_ Soleiman Branch,Islamic Azad university, Masjed_ Soleiman,Iran



Oil well cementing is a multi-purpose operation, in which cement slurries are prepared by mixing water, cement and various additives and is pumped into the well in order to isolate productive zones, protect the casing pipe, perform remedial operations, controlling drilling fluid lost or abandon the well. Various additives are used to improve the mechanical properties of the slurry. Weight-enhancing additives are materials with specific gravity higher than cement, which increase the weight of the slurry. Improving the mechanical properties of these type of cement slurries has always been an important issue in the discussion of oil wells cementing. In this study, the effects of nano zeolite on heavy-weight oil well cement slurry were investigated in laboratory to improve the rheological and mechanical properties of the cement. In the designed experiments, nano-zeolite was added to the slurry with the amount of 1, 2 and 3% BWOC. The results showed that nano zeolite acts as an additive to reduce the thickening time, increase the plastic viscosity and reduces the yield point of the slurry. The experiments also showed that in general, the addition of nano-zeolite to the cement slurry from 1 to 3% BWOC led to an increase in the free fluid of the cement slurry, but did not show any effect on the control of the fluid loss. Finally, by adding 2% BWOC of nano zeolite, the compressive strength of the cement stone increased and the initial setting time of cement slurry decreased.


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