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1 Ph.D. Condidate in Technology Management, Islamic Azad University, Rudehen Unit, Rudehen, Iran

2 Professor in Industrial Management, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

3 Associate Professor, Economics Department of Technology Management, Islamic Azad University, Rudehen Unit, Iran


The oil industry is looking for a way to develop reservoir management and optimal production of hydrocarbon reservoirs. The use of advanced technologies in the extraction of oil and gas reserves is very important in advancing the short-term and long-term goals of this industry, both in terms of product type and process. A technology roadmap is a plan that implements short-term and long-term goals by using technology solutions to help achieve the goals;
; The technology roadmap for in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)/ improved Oil Recovery (IOR) oil fields has been developed based on the emphasized fields and areas of the target technology and has been expressed in a ten-years according to the existing challenges and preventive measures, and all research and executive activities will be carried out with the focus on the roadmap.
In this research, using the case study research method, by studying 9 cases of research conducted in the research and technology of the National Iranian Oil Company, a map of executive achievements and technological solutions in each of the target technology areas: reservoir, well and The facilities have been identified and presented based on the challenges and implementation stages. The results of this study show that in this roadmap, the issue of creating, developing and equipping specialized centers for EOR, raising skills, expertise and knowledge and transferring technology as achievements Sustainability is key and in addition to other achievements, outputs and results of each stage and technological solutions to challenges has been highly emphasized and important


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