Document Type : Research Paper


1 put-gas company

2 razi univercity-gas company

3 sistan and balochestan-gas company

4 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Petroleum University of Technology, Abadan, Iran


Every day’s large amount of gas is consumed which is transported through pipelines. Due to irreparable consequences of gas related accident and their heavy financial losses; therefore, the safety of pipeline is one of the priorities of gas companies, government and consumers. Hazard is part of every human endeavor, so hazard identification and risk management is very important. As some of event may not be exactly predictable, the study of risk is very important. The risk management is a determinative step of the health, safety and environmental management system (HSEMS). In this study performance of Hazard and operability (HAZOP) method for asses of hazards and risks, for all process, that present in Kermanshah Province Gas Company was evaluated. There are different risk analysis techniques. As the HAZOP is Process Hazard Analysis that not only identifies system hazards, but also determines their probability of occurrence by the effects of any deviations from design conditions and it gives us the accurate results, it’s used for risk assessment in this project. This research was conducted by a team of 3 experts and identified the process hazards by means of quid words. At the end of this study in Kermanshah Province Gas Company’s about 282 risks were identified and only 03 risk is unacceptable e and 111 are Conditional that must be eliminated without delay , the others are acceptable that the risk must be eliminated but it is not an emergency


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