Petroleum Engineering – Exploration
Prediction of Shale Volume and Water Saturation using Pre-Stack Seismic and Well-Log Data in an Oil Field

Ali Jelvegarfilband; Mohammad Ali Riahi; Majid Bagheri

Volume 11, Issue 1 , January 2022

  The petrophysical parameters of the Ghar Formation are characterized in this study. A combination of pre-stack seismic data gathers and well-log data is used to estimate water saturation and shale volume in the Ghar reservoir. For such a purpose, first, the highest possible correlation between the well ...  Read More

Petroleum Engineering
Implementing Direct and Indirect Wireline Methods in Determination of Total Organic Carbon: A Case Study from a West African Hydrocarbon Field

Amir Gharavi; Mohamed Hassan; Hesam Zarehparvar Ghoochaninejad; John Fianu; Michael Kenomore; Amjad Shah; James Buick

Volume 9, Issue 2 , April 2020, , Pages 1-12

  Since the development bloom in unconventional reservoirs in North America, total organic carbon (TOC) has become a more essential parameter, as the indicator of the efficiency of these reservoirs. In this paper, by using conventional well logs and NMR log data, the TOC content of an unconventional reservoir ...  Read More

Application of Well Log Analysis to Assess the Petrophysical Parameters of the Early Eocene Sui Main Limestone (SML) in Kharnhak-1 Well, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan

Asad Zia; Muhammad Awais; Muhammad Ishaq; Sardar Hamid; Naveed Akhtar; Lawangin Sheikh

Volume 5, Issue 2 , April 2016, , Pages 1-20

  The petrophysical analysis of the early Eocene Sui Main Limestone (SML) has been conducted in Kharnhak-1 well for the prospect of the hydrocarbon exploration of the Khairpur-Jacobabad High, Middle Indus Basin, Pakistan. The petrophysical analysis of SML is carried out on the basis of well logs including ...  Read More