Effects of Surface Treatment on Corrosion Resistance of 304L and 316L Stainless Steel Implants in Hank’s Solution

Saeid Ghanavati; Mohammad Reza Shishesaz; Mansoor Farzam; Iman Danaee

Volume 5, Issue 1 , January 2016, , Pages 65-72


  The enormous demands for metal implant have given rise to a search for cheap material with good bio-tolerability and resistance to corrosion. Although stainless steel has these properties and is widely used for this purpose, its long term application is still a concern. The corrosion resistance of stainless ...  Read More

A New Method for Multisensor Data Fusion Based on Wavelet Transform in a Chemical Plant

Karim Salahshoor; Mohammad Ghesmat; Mohammad Reza Shishesaz

Volume 3, Issue 3 , July 2014, , Pages 62-74


  This paper presents a new multi-sensor data fusion method based on the combination of wavelet transform (WT) and extended Kalman filter (EKF). Input data are first filtered by a wavelet transform via Daubechies wavelet “db4” functions and the filtered data are then fused based on variance ...  Read More

Effect of Molar Ratio and Resin Modification on the Protection Properties of Zinc-rich Alkali Silicate Primer

Iman Mirzaie Goodarzi; Mansour Farzam; Mohammad Reza Shishesaz; Davood Zaarei

Volume 3, Issue 1 , January 2014, , Pages 41-53


  The influence of increasing the SiO2/K2O molar ratio on the electrochemical action of a waterborne potassium silicate zinc-rich coating was investigated by means of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and corrosion potential (Ecorr) measurements. The EIS results showed that increasing the SiO2/K2O ...  Read More