Investigating the Solubility of CO2 in the Solution of Aqueous K2CO3 Using Wilson-NRF Model

Reza Moradi; Seyed Hossein Mazloumi

Volume 8, Issue 3 , July 2019, , Pages 89-100

  Hot potassium carbonate (PC) solution in comparison with amine solution had a decreased energy of regeneration and a high chemical solubility of . To present vapor and liquid equation (VLE) of this system and predict  solubility, the ion specific non-electrolyte Wilson-NRF local composition model ...  Read More

Solubility of Methane, Ethane, and Propane in Pure Water Using New Binary Interaction Parameters

Masoud Behrouz; Masoud Aghajani

Volume 4, Issue 3 , July 2015, , Pages 51-59

  Solubility of hydrocarbons in water is important due to ecological concerns and new restrictions on the existence of organic pollutants in water streams. Also, the creation of a thermodynamic model has required an advanced study of the phase equilibrium between water (as a basis for the widest spread ...  Read More