Petroleum Engineering – Production
Modeling of Gel-Acid Injection for Optimizing the Acidizing Process and Comparing It with Core Injection Experimental Data: Case Study in One of Iranian Southwest Oilfields

Abdorrahman Mehri Ghahfarrokhi; Hassan Shokrollahzadeh Behbahani; Ezzatollah Kazemzadeh; Gholam Abbas Safian

Volume 10, Issue 4 , October 2021, , Pages 85-99

  Nowadays, use of visco-elastic surfactants as the main component of gel diverters is becoming more and more common among well completion engineers, as well as stimulation service companies. Gel diverter, as other kinds of diverters, is used in multi-layered carbonated reservoirs to diver acid into less ...  Read More

Modeling and Simulation of Kuhni Extraction Column Using a Rate-based Model

Amir Hosein Tahershamsi; Ahad Ghaemi; Mansour Shirvani

Volume 5, Issue 4 , October 2016, , Pages 53-67

  In this study, liquid-liquid extraction process in a Kuhni extraction column was modeled and simulated. A non-equilibrium dynamic model was developed for modeling liquid-liquid extraction processes based on a rate-based model. The model equations are inclusive of partial and ordinary differential equations ...  Read More

Asphaltene Deposition Modeling during Natural Depletion and Developing a New Method for Multiphase Flash Calculation

Gholamreza Fallahnejad; Riyaz Kharrat

Volume 5, Issue 2 , April 2016, , Pages 45-65

  The specific objective of this paper is to develop a fully implicit compositional simulator for modeling asphaltene deposition during natural depletion. In this study, a mathematical model for asphaltene deposition modeling is presented followed by the solution approach using the fully implicit scheme. ...  Read More