Petroleum Engineering
Mass Transfer Modeling of CO2 Absorption into Blended Aqueous MDEA–PZ Solution

Fahimeh Mirzaei; Ahad Ghaemi

Volume 9, Issue 3 , July 2020, , Pages 77-101

  In this research, the rate of CO2 absorption into methyl diethanolamine–piperazine (MDEA–PZ) solution was investigated. To model the mass transfer flux in the reactive absorption processes, the dimensionless parameters of the process were obtained using the Buckingham Pi theorem and considering ...  Read More

Experimental Studies of CO2 Capturing from the Flue Gases

Ehsan Rahmandoost; Behrooz Roozbehani; Mohammad Hosein Maddahi

Volume 3, Issue 4 , October 2014, , Pages 1-15

  CO2 emissions from combustion flue gases have turned into a major factor in global warming. Post-combustion carbon capture (PCC) from industrial utility flue gases by reactive absorption can substantially reduce the emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2. To test a new solvent (AIT600) for this purpose, ...  Read More