Chemical Engineering
A Numerical Study on Using Air Cooler Heat Exchanger for Low Grade Energy Recovery from Exhaust Flue Gas in Natural Gas Pressure Reduction Stations

Mansoor Naderi; Ghasem Zargar; Ebrahim Khalili

Volume 7, Issue 1 , January 2018, , Pages 93-109

  Heat EXchangers (HEX) that are used in City Gate Station (CGS) systems are modeled numerically to recover the exhaust waste heat. It was tried to find the best viscous model to obtain results in accordance with experimental results and to change the heat exchanger design. This HEX is used for recovering ...  Read More

An Improvement in Cation Exchange Capacity Estimation and Water Saturation Calculation in Shaly Layers for One of Iranian Oil Fields

Masoumeh Bashiri; Mosayyeb Kamari; Ghassem Zargar

Volume 6, Issue 1 , January 2017, , Pages 45-62

  Water saturation and cation exchange capacity are the most significant parameters used to calculate a hydrocarbon zone potential. In clean formations, by applying the famous Archie model, which assumes that in the formation the only electric conductor is the formation water, the water saturation can ...  Read More

A New Approach to Simultaneously Enhancing Heavy Oil Recovery and Hindering Asphaltene Precipitation

Edris Junaki; Shima Ghanaatian; Ghasem Zargar

Volume 1, Issue 1 , November 2012, , Pages 37-42

  A new chemical compound is developed at Petroleum University of Technology to enhance the recovery of the free imbibition process and simultaneously hinder asphaltene precipitation. The compound is tested on heavy oil samples from Marun oil field, Bangestan reservoir. The effects of the chemical compound ...  Read More

Prediction of Nitrogen Injection Performance in Conventional Reservoirs Using the Correlation Developed by the Incorporation of Experimental Design Techniques and Reservoir Simulation

Ahad Fereidooni; Masoud Fereidooni; Siyamak Moradi; Ghasem Zargar

Volume 1, Issue 1 , November 2012, , Pages 43-54

  Enhanced oil recovery using nitrogen injection is a commonly applied method for pressure maintenance in conventional reservoirs. Numerical simulations can be practiced for the prediction of a reservoir performance in the course of injection process; however, a detailed simulation might take up enormous ...  Read More